Friday, November 21, 2008

Book Tag from Mindy

Mindy from Dogs on Thursday tagged me to reveal what's on page 56 of a book I'm reading. Haven't been reading much lately other than listening to my audio books in the car, I'm a bit guilty upon receiving this tag. I wanted to cheat and put in page 56 of The Distant Land of our Father by Bo Caldwell, our bookclub selection for this month; considering I stopped at page 85, it wouldn't be too much of a cheat.

Make a long story short, I hereby present you my fiber friends, a clip from the latest issue of Wild Fiber magazine:

"Despite the people's diet that doesn't include anything remotely green for most of the year, and a high consumption of meat and potatoes, obesity is virtually nonexistent and people tend to enjoy exceptionally good health, remaining physically vigorous well into their older years."

The subject is a Himalayan region that produces some of the highest quality cashmere in the world. It's the feature article in this issue. Wild Fiber magazine is published by Linda Cortright, who travels the world in pursue of information on, what else, wild fibers. I met her at Stitches this year and fell in love with the magazine. See my Stitches report here.

I'll tag my bookclub members: Sarah, Lesley, Zelda.

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