Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Santa, Busted! and other Henry-ism

The other day Henry and his Dad were passing through the mall while out wondering doing guy stuff. Can you believe how early they got Santa out this year? Henry never believed in Santa, since his Mom doesn't know where to begin to tell a lie. Bill's family is big on Christmas gifts, so we carry on the tradition and help the economy for the last two month of the year. Henry always shops with us, separately, picking out clothes for Mom when he's out with Dad, or go through gadgets with Mom to see what we'll let Dad destroy in the next year. He helps us wrap and label gifts for grand parents, and write tags that read "From Santa, To Trinket" while commenting on whether Trinket is a bad little dog. Santa is no mystery for Henry. We are all Santas for each other and we love it that way.

So on this day in the mall, Henry passionately reiterated to Dad his thoughts about Santa. He mentioned that his classmates, especially the males, were tired of their parents' Santa games. They knew how their adults orchestrated the celebration, toys, milk, cookies, pictures, etc. and they just wanted to get to the bottom of it all (aka, give me the wii and forget about that fat man in a red suit). Dad teased Henry he had to take a picture with Santa, and asked him, "What are you going to ask Santa to get you?" Henry said, "I'll tell him, Get Lost!"


 A few Henry-First's that Mom is cautiously celebrating:

1. Henry stayed home by himself couple of weeks ago when Mom went to the store. It was only 30 minutes, but Mom held the cell phone in her palm the whole time. Think back to our days we had to visit a pediatric psychiatrist for separation anxiety, we've come a long way.

2. Henry learned to make mac & cheese and grilled cheese sandwich on the gas stove top. I learned to cook about the same age.

3. Henry is knitting and weaving, one row at a time. We both have two weeks off next month and we plan to work on the loom together.


Karin said...

Go, Henry!! He's my kind of kid. :)

Vivian, how do I email you??
I'm karinmaagtanchakATnycapDOTrrDOTcom

Lynn said...

Oh I LOVE this picture! I grew up not believing in Santa either and neither do my kids.

and good for Henry to be able to make himself some food! I know grown ups that still can't do that!!!

Jennifer said...

I have one who always wanted - and still does - to believe :) The other is a cynical mini-scientist who never bought any of the holiday characters and has always taken great satisfaction in de-bunking them. Funny how kids find their own ways to enjoy the holidays :)

What kind of a loom are you using with Henry? (I have a nephew who is very interested and have been looking at some small looms for him...)

dogquilter said...

Great post! It's hard letting them grow up but necessary. Henry has it together. Can't wait to see what you accomplish with your time off together. :)

Diane said...

Staying home alone is a huge step. The kids always do great but we moms are a wreck the whole time. It's nice to watch them grow and learn new things.

My kids believed in Santa until they were usually in the 2nd grade. Once my oldest daughter didn't believe any more she because a helper elf (assistant to me and my hubby) which she loved. As each child got older and became elves they understood the magic. Now the grandchildren have the magic and we get to watch it all over again.

Vivian said...

Hi Jennifer, I got Henry's loom off Ravelry. I posted a request in the Used Tools & Equipment Classifieds group and a few people replied. It's a really simple homemade table loom, comes with some instructions.

I can email you some pictures if you like. My email address is
vhkeys AT yahoo DOT com.