Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Basketball Season

Game one in Henry's first basketball league. Hint, Henry is the one with the ball, ready to shoot Our weekends now are all about practices and games. There is a game every Sunday, at various times in various places, against various teams from various cities. The official practices are on Friday night and Saturday morning, but the coach added an extra 45 minutes special practice before the game on Sunday. We have two parents juggling one child doing one activity. I honestly don't know how other parents deal with multiple kids with multiple sports and classes, most of the time just the mom doing all the work.


Jennifer said...

Oi, that picture looks so familiar! This is how I spend three evenings plus one Saturday afternoon per week, from November thru March :) Hubs has been coaching for the last three years, so it has definitely been a family affair.

Hope Henry likes it - my kids are obsessed with basketball. Definitely more fun to watch than baseball :) And a great workout for those boisterous kiddies!

Karin said...

You're not kidding! Our kids are 7 years apart and at times it was dragging the little one to the big one's concerts etc....now that our son is in college, it's become a little easier, and she "only" plays soccer and is in color guard!

There is a family at soccer who have 4 kids; the mom and the dad are never there at the same time. They always play tag team.

But it is so good for them (the kids) to be involved in something.