Saturday, December 27, 2008

Phantom of the Opera

The Andrew Lloyd Webber production on US tour stopping at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco. We made it a family event for Christmas eve, and it was Henry's first big theatre experience. Although he's seen the movie and lots of YouTube clips, seeing and hearing the Phantom in person turned out to be quite disturbing. He couldn't sleep half of the night.
The show was amazing -- the theatre, the stage setup, the costumes, the singing, and of course, the music. I wish there is a back stage tour so we can see how they moved Phantom onto the platform above the stage, or how he disappeared in the last scene.


Lynn said...

Phantom is my favorite!!!! I've seen it 4 times and while I have the movie, it's not the same as seeing it in person.

Karin said...

Poor Hank! I am sorry he got scared. (But I bet it was a good show!)