Friday, December 12, 2008


The first time I heard about Yountville was when The French Laundry won three Michelin stars in 2006.

About its owner and executive chef, Thomas Keller, according to Wikipedia:

"In 2005, he was awarded the highest, three star rating in the inaugural Michelin Guide for New York for his restaurant Per Se, and in 2006, he was awarded three stars in the inaugural Michelin Guide to the Bay Area for his restaurant The French Laundry, making him one of only two chefs in the world with two simultaneous three-star restaurants."

For the 2007 Pixar movie Ratatouille, Thomas Keller served as a consultant and gave the producers and animators the opportunity to present French cuisine through computerized animation. Keller also showed up in the extras in Adam Sandler's movie Spanglish and made "the world's greatest sandwich". The French Laundry shares the subtle elegance with the rest of Sonoma county. The stone building with a simple brass sign above the flower bed was easily missed.

Bouchon is another Thomas Keller restaurant, a few blocks away from The French Laundry. The restaurant has a small bakery that sells lunch fares for take out. There are a few tables outside the bakery and that's where we headed after picking up some sandwiches and pastry.

Down the street from Bouchon was a grand old building remodeled into a shopping center with cutsie boutique shops. Henry and I found these super duper double pointed needles in Napa Style (kitchenware store). Henry is about 4'8", so the needles are probably close to 3' long, and the girth is bigger than size 50. We never figured out what they really meant to be.


Sarah said...

Did you eat at The French Laundry?
Did you take Henry?

Lesley said...

My mother-in-law and aunt (in-law?) ate there a few years ago.... they are total foodies. (Or is it foodys?)
They also paid $700 for dinner for two.

Sarah said...

Well, the thing is, even if you're OK with the price, getting a table is still a huge obstacle course. They take reservations two months ahead of time, I think, but tables on weekends usually are taken within ten or fifteen minutes of the phone lines opening. They keep a waiting list.