Friday, August 21, 2009

More Field Trips with Henry

Week two of field trips with Henry. Monday the 3rd was Carmel to visit my mom and beach. Thursday we went to Steinbeck Center in Salinas with Sarah and her kids. Henry really needed the kiddie time, obviously hanging out with me was a bit more boring than I realized. Rocinante, the converted pick up truck that Steinbeck drove across the country in Travels with Charley was on display. Even with a life size Charley in the cab. On Friday we made the two hour drive up to Santa Rosa for the long anticipated visit of Charles Shultz Museum. I've been wanting to visit it since its opening in 2002, when Henry was small enough to enjoy all the little kids things. It took me only seven years to plan it. I left my drawing in the visitors book. This is one of Henry's favorites.
In two weeks, we made two long trips (Sacramento, Santa Rosa), two smaller trips (Carmel, Salinas), and assorted other local trips to the libraries, book stores, etc. On the longer trips Henry almost got car sick more than once, so on the way to Santa Rosa we decided he's big enough to sit in the front seat. Heading home after the Shultz Museum must be one of his best trips ever, sitting next to Mom, like a big shot. On the other hand, my trusty little green engine gave out after we got through Friday evening traffic jam in San Francisco. Turned out there was a part in the power steering system had to be replaced. I had to drive the last twenty miles or so on city streets, but we made it home.

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Jennifer said...

Travels with Charlie - I loved that book. Thanks for sharing your photos from the museum. I never knew there was a Steinbeck museum, and now I want to visit it. (I came over from your link on Ravelry.)