Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Staycation -- Golf

The short cut to an unrealized vacation is to yak about it months ahead of time, and taking polls on blog. As I was able to convince the guys to visit central coast for our summer vacation, we went ahead with the planning, checking out hotels, golf courses, bike trails, restaurants in the area. Couple of weeks before we supposed to pack our suitcases, my mother-in-law was scheduled for surgery on the Thursday before our vacation. We better stay around town for that. So last week we joined this year's fad and toured around town -- call it Staycation.

Monday was golf at Deep Cliff Golf Course in Cupertino. Henry started learning golf earlier this year, after many early morning hours in front of TV watching golf channel. Bill played in his youth and it took the guys only a few months to convince me to join the game. Hey I don't have a job, might as well play golf!

Henry teed off in perfect form.

Hole #7, my ball made a splash. Not to lose second or third or fourth ball in the day, Bill fished it out of the creek.

Flying dirt.

Almost in the rough.

In our family this is called a Bucky Ball (the ball is about three feet in front of Henry, after a full swing). We used to play baseball when Bucky was a tiny 2.5lb baby. A Bucky Ball is a little hit that the 2.5lb baby could manage.

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Jennifer said...

Golf is such a great sport for kids to learn. Definitely comes in handy later in life.

And, bucky ball, heh.