Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Staycation -- CAS

Day three of our Staycation, the third Wednesday of August, we hit the newly opened California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco on their free admission day. We got there right after it opened, and the line was couple miles long. They kept broadcasting on the mega phone that everyone waiting in line would get in, so we waited. The guys found entertainment with sticks and wadded up paper. Three hours was a long time in the cold.

Once we got in it was pretty nice. It took me sometime to study the albino alligator, to make sure he's alive. This shot was taken from the view on the side of the tank, with his reflection hitting the top of the water.

The Living Roof was a big so what. Barely a few plants to call it a garden.

Had to wait in line again for the rain forest exhibit. This time it was much faster and warmer.

There were a lot of cool stuff in this exhibit, I'd say it's the best of them all. Here is a scary looking green Basilisk. To the Potter fans' surprise, he's a lizard, not a big snake.

All in all, CAS is a nice museum, but I wouldn't pay what they charge admission for it, nor would I wait three hours for a free pass again.

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