Thursday, July 23, 2009

GAAA Squares Seven to Twelve

Pattern: Great American Aran Afghan booklet
Yarn: Paton's Classic Wool (worsted weight)
Needles: US Size 8
Square Seven: designed by Ginette Belanger, rated one of the easiest squares. It was easy for an Aran design.


Square Eight: designed by Barbara Selesnick. Also rated one of the easiest squares. Looks complicated, but fairly easy to knit up.


Square Nine: designed by Jay Campbell. It starts from the edges and decrease towards the middle. The decreases are not the same on every row, which caught me off guard. My square came out a little poofy in the middle and I hope some blocking will cure that. I will not reknit twenty bobbles. Not doing it.


Square Ten: designed by Dana Hurt. Cable and lace together make this square rather stretchy.


Square Eleven: designed by Carol Adams. The garter and lace center makes an uneven texture for this square. Interesting, but too much contrast.


Square Twelve: designed by Betty Salpekar. Rated one of the most challenging squares, and it's the most difficult set of cables that I've knitted so far in my knitting career. The center square shown here contains multiple sets of continuous cables (cables that does not start or end within the knitting, but rather run into each other, so if you trace your finger at any one point on the knitting you can go on forever). The technique used here is using invisible cast on at the beginning of each set and k2tog or ssk onto the main body, then the ends of each set are grafted together. On the GAAA Ravelry forum someone mentioned there were easier ways to do continuous cables, but I wanted to give this a try.

All those invisible cast-ons and graftings create new ends. There are about forty of them in this center square to weave in.

I have finished the cabled border since these pictures were taken. The square is coming out rather lovely, just need to deal with all those ends.


Sarah said...


Lynn said...

OOOH, I was thinking how gorgeous until you showed all the ends....

Jennifer said...

Nice! You are making very good progress. I especially like square #10.

Sue said...

That is going to be beautiful and in all my favorite colors.