Thursday, January 06, 2011

Rascal !!

Three weeks ago we welcomed Rascal into our family. Rascal is a Chihuahua Dachshund mix, now about nine months old.

CARE, Companion Animal Rescue Effort, the organization we adopted Trinket from almost 16 years ago, rents a store front couple of miles from our home on Saturdays. So while we are out and about between library visits and video game shopping, we often stop by to visit the animals. On December 11, this little long bodied semi-grown dog caught my sight. He was very calm and quiet among all the people hustling in and out, oohing and ahhing over a litter of very young puppies. We asked about him, took him out of the cage, and the rest is history.

This video is Henry having some special time with Rascal, you can hear Bill's voice in the background talking to the rescue people.

Rascal was a stray in a small rural town about 75 miles from where we live. CARE took him in, and estimated him to be about eight to ten weeks old. They named him Boots because of the light coloring on his legs. They adopted him out to a family very similar to us, with an 8yo boy and two working parents. The new family called him Rascal. A few months passed, the family had to move and returned the pup to CARE. The pup answers to Rascal, so that's what he's going to be.

We are happy to report that Rascal has been successfully living up to his name. On one hand, he's super sweet, cuddly, and seemingly very tame, especially compare to Trinket and Bucky were pups (the racket they made every day!). Then just as we are ready to declare he's the perfect resident, there goes Henry's sneaker; there goes dad's belt; there goes my sock .... My sewing kit has been living on the kitchen counter, because there are always toys to be mended. Rascal has iron teeth, can destroy a squeaker faster than I can stuff it in the toy.

I see a lot of Rascal the demolition expert postings on Thursdays in 2011.

Update: Our friend Sue kindly put up a welcome message for Rascal on Dogs-N-More. Be sure to leave your comment!


Sue said...

Later today or tomorrow I'm going to welcome Rascal on Dogs-N-More. He sure is a cutie.

Janet said...

Rascal is such a cutie! Sounds like he has lots of energy too. :-)

Lynn said...

He really is an adorable dog!

Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

Hi! We saw you mentioned on another blog and we came to say HELLO. We are glad you've given a home to Rascal. The chewing thing will end! Lily stopped chewing once she was about a year old... but she still loves bones and squeakies!

Rose said...

Rascal is a beautiful little guy! Congrats!