Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rascal Is Spoiled

Rascal was a stray, a rescue dog, an abandoned dog. He lived with a big pack of dogs, somewhere between 8 to 15, on a farm, before coming to our home. He's a tough little guy.

We love our new puppy dearly. Although he's not as young as some folks with milk breath and can't control their bladders, he still has a lot of puppyness in him that make us smile every day. He is small, so we can't help  but picking him up and carrying him around like a doll, or a trophy.

For Christmas we gave Henry a Cesar Millan dog training book. One morning soon after that, Henry announced, after reading some chapters of the book: "Rascal is spoiled!" We are still scratching our heads to figure out how the little guy went from tough guy to spoiled puppy in such a short time. But then again, what's not to love about the little Rascal and what's wrong with spoiling him? He's earned the privilege in his short life, and it's not like we are expecting him to make it to Harvard or anything.

One day couple of weeks ago we fed Bucky outside, and when I went to pick up the bowl, Rascal ran out with me. The little snitch grabbed the bowl and carried it off. Guess what I did? Run for the camera of course.  By the way if you have an account on YouTube feel free to subscribe to us. I'm taking a lot of videos of Rascal these days. One thing I learned from 16 years with Trinket and Bucky, one can never take enough pictures and videos.


Sue said...

I saw this on Facebook last nite. Love the little tail wags. He's knows he's doing something wrong, but wants to be forgiven. Aren't pups cute? You're right about the pictures. There's no such thing as too many.

Janet said...

Rascal is such a cutie! I'm sure he's not spoiled -- just well loved. :-) Happy Dogs on Thursday!

Nichole said...

Too cute! Happy DOT!

dogquilter said...

What a cutie pie. Don't you just love puppy antics :)