Thursday, June 07, 2012

Project Planning -- Nightsong, London

Project planning process:
1. Shop the stash. Most of my stash lives in my closet, tightly packed into plastic bins. Shopping means peel off the top layer, set it aside, grab something from the first box, "Oh, this is so pretty, I GOT to make something with it!"
2. Search Ravelry patterns. Go to advanced search, filter down to what I have in my library (I've loaded all my books, magazines and some booklets in the library), the right yardage, weight, and sometimes type of garment I have in mind.
3. Find the hard copy pattern, read through it if I'm in the mood, put the yarn with the pattern, see if they look right together.
4. Look again a few days later. Many a times they disagree, start over from #2.
5. When there are no good options in the library, change the filter to free patterns.
6. Repeat every few days until I get tired of the yarn, put it back to the box, start over from #1.

So you see, this is very unscientific, time consuming process. I argue that I get good "play time" out of the yarn and pattern books, so it's time and money well spent.  And I learned to appreciate a perfect match when the right yarn speaks up for the right project.

Next up, Nightsong, a free pattern on Ravelry, in Ellen's Half Pint sock yarn.

The complicated lace will be so much fun to knit.

London Olympics will be lightening up in less than two months. In 2008 I knitted Chinese Red Vest for Beijing Olympics (sports weight yarn on size 4 needles), it was a nice challenge. This time I will be knitting with the China Group on Ravelry, Team Made in China.

I plan to knit Elizabeth of York from Tutor Roses, using alpaca yarn wound off a big cone. At least that's the plan for now, but remember how that planning process goes, so don't quote me on it.

Thanks to Ally's inspiration, I made some pulled pork sandwiches the other day. Around here there is never enough pulled pork sandwiches! Whatever I make the guys gobble it all up like hungry wolves. I use Chinese steamed buns (from the freezer section), so they are a bit like steamed BBQ buns too.

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WonderWhyGal said...

Wowza! I can just imagine your bins. Especially with all of the finished projects you make. That will be a gorgeous project for Ravelympics. I seriously haven't even thought that far ahead yet.

Pumpkin said...

I'll bet that your stash is filled with all kinds of yarny treasures! I really like your process, it is no wonder that you are able to match yarn with patterns so well. Thank you for giving us a little glimpse into your process!

Voie de Vie said...

Ok, I think we need the Pulled Pork Sandwich Event tour. Between you and Ally B, it's gonna be good eating. :)

And I love your version of project planning. I do see elements of my own planning process in there, although I don't take advantage of the Rav database half as much as you. Love that ravatar, too - that is seriously gorgeous!

Spinster Beth said...

I started Nightsong a while back. I wound up ripping it ... it kicked my butt. I know you'll get the best of it!

Sometimes I think I should take all my yarn to a friend's house, label and price it, and then go there to 'shop' every weekend. Then I'd feel I was buying new yarn ;-)

Melissa said...

Oh that Nightsong is your project planning guide.

Kathryn Ray said...

I'm giggling at your process... not a whole lot different from mine. :-)

Your pulled pork looks delicious!

Erin Kate said...

Wow, the nightsong is amazing!