Friday, November 10, 2006

Coat Knit Along, Bucky

I posted my desire to knit Uptown Coat to Knittalk, and now there are two other knitters want to join me for a knit along (one of them using a different pattern). We started a knit along blog, Coat Knit Along (what else), but no one has started yet. Working on the black sheep and Kirsten's sweater, pictures later. Bucky is moping in the corner cause Larissa called him a c*t. We should make a video at the next Feb99 gathering so you can hear our voices. Bucky was up half the night, sometimes shaking, did manage to go out and potty but seemed strained. Then he refused to eat this morning, not a good sign for a pug. He had a liver treat that we got from the Halloween party, maybe he's having trouble digesting it.


Zelda said...

So, it took me a minute to realize that you meant 'cat' because in my world "c*t" means something quite different...and we can spell out the word cat without fear of offending anyone.

Larissa said...

Oh Bucky, I apologise profusely for that insult! I was completely distracted by the humans in the video and their voices.
Oh yeah sorry Vivian, how silly of me to mistake your good looking pug for a *whisper*cat!