Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Moby Dick, Harry Potter, New Knitting, Potluck

I'm chugging along on my next book club read, Moby Dick, actually not read in my case. I have the audio book version from the library, 20 CDs, and this morning just started CD # 9. Think I'll finish before the meeting next Monday? It's a little hard to concentrate listening to a book like this while driving, so my Moby Dick goes along for a ride in the carpool lane, with an occasional stop at Michael's, Trader Joe's, stop for lights (pick up knitting), break for some idiots trying to jump in front, grab badge for the parking lot entrance. My commute has since become wavy and salty, combination of cool California morning fog and freezing New England ocean. How many commuters have a white shark for company?

With my influence (or so I'd like to think), Henry picked up his version on Moby Dick this morning and plan to read it when he hangs out at a sitter's house. We read that one together last year, it's an abridged version for kids, a good one for the story line, characters and language.

Henry's book club is also meeting next week to discuss Happy Potter Book Three, The Prisoner of Azkaban. I've been reading it with Henry every night, mostly for me since the bug has finished it twice already on his own. By any luck I'll be at his book club meeting, or maybe I should invite him to mine too.

On the knitting front, De Colores was blocked again but back in time-out basket, waiting for the final crochet band on the sleeves, and weave in those thousands of ends. I'm much less enthusiastic about the finishing work, for one thing, all of my knit-along friends are not finishing theirs, how can I be motivated. In the mean time, a hat was done the night before, picture to come.

A sweater for Kirsten (American Girl doll) is on the needles, my own free hand knitting, design as it goes. A felted black sheep was cast on last night. Got the kit from the last retreat, hopefully to become my first felted animal. The second toe up sock was started at some point over the weekend, now on the toes.

Last but not least, what's your favorite potluck food? We are invited to a holiday potluck, someone will cook a turkey, and I want to bring some sort of non-dessert platter. Something fresh and tasty, either I can cook or order. Ideas please!


Cris said...

Well my DeColores is back out of time-out. Yesterday Julie helped me figure out the sleeve problem. I'm working on mine this weekend.

Lesley said...

Can you bring the kiddie version of Moby to the meeting? I'd be interested to see what some book editor thought was relevant to the young reader.

Cindy said...

I have several favorite potluck dishes.

1. Rice Krispy treats made with real butter and extra marshmellows. Sounds goofy? I'll tell you what - they always go like hotcakes. Very few people dislike Risk Krispy Treats.

2. My personal favorite is a raspberry-chipotle sauce bought at the outlet gourmet food store in Folsom poured over philly cream cheese served with crackers. This is for a more "advanced" crowd.

3. Fruit and fruit dip - recipe found here:**3*37&wf=9&recipe_id=89393

super easy to make - and people don't feel guilty because you have fruit. This has ALWAYS been a hit for us.

Jocelyn said...

Here's a festive "looking" dish, although, has always been a hit, but not traditional by any means: 8oz jar Trader Joes Sun Dried Tomatoes, 8oz feta crumbled, 1 bunch fresh cilantro (coursely chopped), 4oz angle hair pasta; combine 1st 3 ingredients; cook pasta; drain (give a quick rinse with cold water) and toss together with tomatoe mix. serve warm or cold. I usually double for potlucks.

Zelda said...

Cooking Light's Layered Bean Dip. Some people call it a walking taco. I can't get the link to work right now. Your Henry is certainly well read. Way to go!

Zelda said...

Here it is: