Friday, November 17, 2006

The Finished Fish Story

First draft of Fish was butchered by Blogger, here is a new version. Leave a comment on my blog and tell us what you think. I'd like to see an illustration of the last chapter from a talented artist.


Andrew said...

Hi Vivian,
You've been tagged in my post today.

Have fun!

Zelda said...

What a great story for Henry to have. Not everyone has a story written about them by their dad. Very cool.

Lesley said...

Henry and Andrew (my Andrew) will have to get together to share fish stories. Andrew just spent the night at the Monterey Aquarium... He dutifully took his notebook and wrote the name of every fish in every display. Not sure if he actually SAW these fish - as he was too busy writing in his book.

Did Henry skip a grade? For some reason I thought he was in 2nd.

Bill said...

Hi everyone. Just to be clear the Fish story is something I thought up which is purely fictional in most every respect. The character is named Henry and he may be a little like our son in some ways, but still a fictional character.

Henry's Dad