Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bucky Turns Twelve

Bucky's birthday was Monday and I thought I'd do something to celebrate as usual, maybe a doggie cake this time.

Saturday we came home and found someone made a mess in the kitchen, horrible diarrhea. We congratulated ourselves it was on the hard floor, not on the carpet. Dad took Trinket out for a walk and confirmed he's not the culprit.

Sunday I came home to a bigger mess in the living room, on the carpet. It took me over an hour to scrub the carpet.

Sunday night Dad got up with Bucky twice in the night to take him outside.

Monday, Bucky's birthday, he didn't want to eat breakfast. Dad came home at lunch time and found another big mess in the kitchen. He ran a stool sample to the vet right away. Lab work didn't find anything suspicious, and the vet told us to feed him some rice mixed with his regular kibbles for dinner, and half a tablet of Imodium to stop the leak.

All along the puggie was his happy chirpy self. Did his regular barks, backyard patrols and all. Things must not be that bad.

Come dinner time, I put half of his regular kibbles in his bowl, and substituted the other half with rice. My sweet pug threw everything on the floor, rice and kibbles, and picked out the kibbles and ate them. Then he stepped in the rice out of disgust. Big sticky mess.

Bucky is very anti medication, just like his mom. Usually I can hide a pill in a piece of cheese and he'd swallow the whole thing. Given his tender condition, cheese is out of the question.

First try, I put the Imodium tablet in the rice.

Bucky: 1, Mom: 0 (he ate neither)

Second try, Dad wrapped the pill in some cooked sweet potato.

Bucky: 2, Dad: 0 (he ate neither)

Third try, more sweet potato.

Bucky: 3, Dad: 0 (he ate the sweet potato)

Fourth try, more, bigger chunk of sweet potato.

The humans won!

For the official birthday celebration, the candle is in a mound of rice. Each dog got a little doggie cookie.

That's Bucky's uneventful twelveth birthday celebration.


lora said...

Poor Bucky and poor Bucky's mommy! I missed Puddin's Halloween b-day this year (problems), so I've decided to reschedule a group birthday in January.

Beth said...

Poor Bucky just wanted his treat and there you go singing! LOL Mine haven't had real parties. They just endure lots of extra hugs and kisses. Oh but this year I did make those great frozen yogurt/peanut butter/banana things. Those went over well. :)

Sonya said...

Man is sucks to be sick on your birthday

Rhonda said...

Oh no! How sad. I hope Bucky is feeling better.

Donna said...

Hope Bucky is on the mend. Happy Birthday to the puppy boy.

Cactusneedles said...

Happy Birthday to Bucky! Pugs are just so stubborn! Take care!:)

Pooch said...

Happy 12th Birthday to Bucky!! So glad that he is feeling better!!


Andrée said...

that video is such a hoot! Bucky is there impatiently waiting for the song to end and the party to begin. just like a kid! I hope he recovers quickly.

Lynn said...

Poor Bucky!! But OH SO FUNNY how he picked out the rice!!!

I hope he feels better soon and only has accidents on the non carpeted floor.

Paula said...

Oh dear poor Bucky!
I hope the imodium didn't take to long to work.
I guess we are blessed in the fact that Elise will anything and everything!
But when she is sick I give her plain rice with babyfood turkey or chicken mixed in with her meds and sometimes some plain yogurt too.

I hope he feel sbetter soon. I am glad that the Vet said it was nothing serious.