Saturday, January 26, 2008

4 Things ...

I was tagged by Pooch:

4 Jobs I Have Had 
- I worked as a dog washer at Pet Spa in Los Gatos
- I worked at The Knitting Room in San Jose during the years when I played stay-at-home-mom
- My first job in the US was office clerk at Hoover Institution. My husband and I met under the Hoover tower for our first date.
- I transcribed my mom's manualscripts when I was twelve. She was a research scholor and the publishers needed the manualscripts submitted in neatly printed format. Chinese typewriters were hard to find. I worked all summer and she paid me for my work, something like $2 per thousand characters.

4 Movies Watched Over and Over
- Sound of Music
- Chicago
- Phantom of the Opera
- Dream of Red Mansion (TV Show from China)

4 Books Read Over and Over 
- Dream of Red Mansion
- Poetry from Tang and Song dynasties
- John Grisham books, when I'm stressed
- Novels by Chinese author Qiong Yao (琼瑶), when I'm in a really down mood and just have to hide and cry all day; any of the books will do since they are all very similar (think Danielle Steele)

4 Places I Have Lived
- Beijing
- Guangzhou
- Palo Alto
- San Jose

4 Shows I Watch
- Desperate Housewives
- ER
- Saturday Night Live
- Nightline

4 Places I Have Been
- Big Sur
- Yellow Stone
- Possum Kingdom, South Carolina
- Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma

4 People Who E-mail Me 
- Sarah
- Lesley
- Zelda
- Jocelyn

4 Favorite Things To Eat 
- Belgium Chocolate
- Potstickers
- Watermelon
- Asian pears

4 Places I Would Rather Be 
- Carmel
- in bed
- in front of a nice warm fire (with someone else minding the fire and bringing me hot tea)
- in a mountain cabin listening to the rain, knowing I'm perfectly safe

4 Things I Look Forward To This year 
- Trinket's birthday next week
- Henry's birthday in three weeks
- Trip to Lake Tahoe
- More than 330 more peaceful days

4 People To Tag
- Sarah
- Lesley
- Zelda
- Jocelyn


Rhonda said...

You lived in Big Sur - so did I!!! at tent ;) I did this meme too and I listed the tent, 'cause we relocated many times ;)

Now, tag you're it. Come plan another one!

Lynn said...

I LOVE Phantom!!!!!

zelda said...

Hey, you've been tagged now...over at the Academy.

Pooch said...

How fun to read about you! Fascinating to see the places where you've lived! Someone else tending the fireplace and serving tea is grand idea!!