Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Meme

My friend Sarah tagged me for New Year's meme. Here are my answers: New Year's Eve -- do you like to stay in or go out? Definitely stay in, but would go out if there are close friends to hang out with in a safe place. Do you like to stay up or just go to sleep? We usually stay pass midnight, so it’s just another night. We tend to stay up later since the next day is usually not a work day, and to keep Trinket company when he freaks out in all the firecrackers. This year however, he slept in a doggie bed under our TV stand while I blasted away Il Divo on PBS. Trinket slept right through the firecrackers. Viva Il Divo! Any special plans this year? I assume you meant New Year’s Eve? No special plans at all. Though we have a habit of letting Henry celebrate New York New Year before his bed time, we managed to miss the ball drop this year. Oh well, he didn’t turn into a pumpkin. What's your favorite New Year's memory? Y2K. Henry was about ten months old. It was our first time to watch the ball drop in New York on TV and he really cheered for it. Earlier in the day we also watched the celebrations in Paris and China. Do you make New Year's Resolutions? Yes and never manage to keep them. What else is new :-) Feel like sharing them? Sure. I’m going to write Christmas letter this year. After receiving letters from other families, I feel like I own everyone if I don’t write. I bet before I know it, it’d be December 15th 2008 and I’d say, well it’s too later for this year. If anyone keeps track, remind me in November that I should start the letter. Do you do anything special on New Year's Day? My mom has a flight to Houston to see my brother on January 2nd, so we went to Carmel to pick her up on New Year’s Day. It’s also the last day of my eleven day furlough so I was a bit anxious to get things in place before heading back to work. I’m happy to be back on regular schedules, but not excited to face the very busy work days in the next three or four weeks. I will tag Jennifer (Yawn Over), Jocelyn, Lisa and Sonya.

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Jennifer said...

Did it :) I enjoyed reading your answers too!