Monday, March 17, 2008

Mitered Squares Doggie Snuggle

The Dogs on Thursday group is running Snuggle Project for the months of March and April. A Snuggle is a doggie blanket, usually made for dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted.

Mine is made with acrylic yarn from my charity stash, two strands of worsted weight yarns held together on size 11 needles. Each square is about 10" x 10". There will be 12 squares when I'm done. The blanket will be donated to either pug rescue or Humane Society.


Sonya said...

It looks very comforting! Nice job.

Gnat said...

Those look GREAT!!! Yeah!!

Lynn said...

I like this idea as well. Probably easier on the hands than my 120+ stitches. How many do you cast on?