Friday, March 14, 2008

Why Children Should Be Paid for Good Grades

1. A child works hard and earns good scores 2. Scores are collected, and in the case of standardized testing, reported as part of the school performance 3. The child's school gets a good rating 4. More people flock to your neighborhood because of this good school 5. Bidding wars happen when there is a house on the market because every parent wants his kids go to this school 6. Real estate goes up 7. Your asset goes up 8. You are rich, thanks to your child's good grades (Henry got paid with ice cream for earning an E+ on Math this week.)


Sarah said...

Go, Henry. It's really cool that he's strong in both Math and English. I hope the parents got ice cream too for producing such an outstanding child.

Lynn said...

LOL I love this logic! And great job Henry!!! It's always good to celebrate accomplishments!!

Anonymous said...

Henry is fortunate to have such a discerning mom! And to think I never realized the correlation between my children's grades and the increase in my home's value!