Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So Long, Canon A300

I'm one of those people that get attached to my "stuff" (you can imagine I'm a pack rat too, but we are not going there today). It takes me a great deal of effort to replace my gadgets, usually only when they quit on me.

My first digital camera was a Canon A300, bought almost five years ago when I celebrated my first anniversary at BEA Systems. It's been acting funny lately, and I'm getting rather tired of having to take pictures in small resolution in order to fit more than 10 pictures before the memory card is filled up. The 1"x1" LCD is taxing on my eyes.

Here is my new toy, my forth Canon (yeah, solid brand royalty there).

Canon PowerShot SD750, 7.1 mega pixel, 3X optical zoom. 3" LCD. One piece titanium body, practically indestructible. Long lasting rechargeable lithium battery with a full day on power. The total size is less than half of A300.

I added a pack of two 2GB memory cards (total 4GB), enough for over 4,000 high res pictures or close to an hour of video.

Costco is selling SD750 at $169, and 4GB memory cards $40, but Amazon is offering the camera with 2GB card at $180, free shipping, that's a great catch.

The very last picture from the old Canon A300.


Sonya said...

That looks like a great camera.

I had a terrible time when we had to buy a new phone (for the house). I liked my last one. I am still not happy with the one we got and it has been almost a year.

Jennifer said...

Enjoy the new camera :) It's fun to get a new toy every once in a while. I think you picked a very worthy and dignified subject for the last picture on your old camera ;)

Lynn said...

I'm a Canon fan as well. My first 35mm camera was a Canon Sure Shot that lasted for a long time until it was dropped one too many times. I bought a no name brand but I wasn't thrilled with it. Bought another Sure Shot and now have a Power Shot A620. I've had it for almost 3 years now and I love it, the only thing it doesn't do is take action shots very well. I used to get some GREAT shots with my 35mm.

Jocelyn said...

Wow, very nic and very tempting. But having just replaced the batteries on my Power Shot S300 (I'm a Canon fan too) I'll hang on to it just a bit longer...

Anonymous said...

Canon makes great little pocket cameras. We both have one and I want a new one with image stabilizer. Use it more than I do my bigger cameras.

Tell Bucky it's more like pleasingly plump.

zelda said...

Don't you love that new camera smell?