Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dragon Square

Knitted this square for my friend Cris. Cris organizes the South Bay Knitter group, schedules all the meetings, sends out all the reminders, and oh yeah, she pulls together our annual retreat in January. She's the heart and soul of the group. Cris loves dragons. So when one of our members, the talented spinner/knitter/weaver/instructor Nancy, suggested that each of us to contribute a square for an afghan, I thought something in the shape or theme of a dragon would be proper.
The intarsia flying dragon stitch pattern was found on Ravelry. I reversed the original pattern so the dragon would fly both ways, and enlarged it for the big dragon in the middle.
Nancy and Cris both love this square, and Nancy put it as the center piece of the afghan. It's a huge honor for them to consider my knitting worthwhile, and I'm not saying this to make anyone feel good, as I know most of the South Bay Knitters don't read my blog. It was eleven years ago that I picked up knitting again and joined the group. For years I was intimidated by the talent and creativity in this group, yet at the same time I couldn't drag myself away. I needed this group to push me to constantly pursue the next knitting challenge.
Thank you Cris for keeping us together.
Thank you South Bay Knitters for being there.


Lynn said...

What a beautiful afghan!!!! You did a great job with the dragons too.

Karin said...

That is beautiful!! And yes that dragon square belongs there.
You are an amazing knitter and you need to pat yourself on the shoulder.

Cris said...

We are always hardest on ourselves. Your knitting is fabulous! Your lace and cable projects are AMAZING.