Sunday, January 04, 2009

Furlough Score Card

Two weeks of forced company furlough, how did I do? 1. Sent out all the Christmas cards, including our very first family letter, put up all the decorations +1 2. Shopped, lots of it, as planned +1 3. Spent too much money -1 4. Bought Henry his first video game, a Play Station Portable -1 5. It made him very happy +1 6. Henry is addicted to Yogi Bear clips on YouTube. We spent at least an hour a day watching Yogi. +1 7. Took my family to see The Phamton of the Opera in the Orphem Theatre in San Francisco +3 8. Henry got scared and couldn't sleep that night -1 9. We watched the Phamton movie +1 10. Henry got scared again -1 11. Now he can't stop talking about Phantom and wants to understand everything about it, which gives us a chance to discuss fantasy versus fiction +1 12. Had a lovely relaxing Christmas, including our tradition of opening gifts in the morning, having lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Palo Alto, and taking a walk in the neighborhood +3 13. Saw Marley and Me on Christmas day and cried my eyes out. It's a good movie. +1 14. Fixed Henry's loom and helped him start the first project +1 15. Didn't write as much as I planned, but Bill came up with a writing project that I will be involved in, and I'm very excited about that. +2 16. Didn't exercise nearly as much as I should -1 17. Did fifteen minutes of stretching at least every other day +1 18. Took two long walks and hiked up the hill at the knitting retreat +1 19. Ate way too much -2 20. Worked too much -1 21. Paragard :-) +2 22. Tried my hand at baking cookies, in the toaster oven because the electronic control for the oven was broken +3 23. Everyone loved the cookies +3 24. Had the oven fixed so it's ready for the next batch of cookies +1 25. Visited my mom, who recently had heart surgery, and helped her with some errands +3 26. Took Henry to Carmel beach and he loved it +3 27. Found out Henry has vision problems and had to get him glasses -1 28. He looks so handsome in them +1 29. Bucky was not well -1 30. Didn't knit as much as I planned -1 31. Had a wonderful knitting retreat +2 32. Slept in almost every morning +1 33. Henry scored two baskets in his game today +2 Ending score is positive, so I am rather satisfied with myself.


Diane said...

I love your list. Hope your mom is healing well.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a busy holiday. Hope your mom is doing well. Also hope Bucky is feeling better.