Thursday, January 01, 2009

Here Is 2009 Already

I welcomed the new year in my sleep. It's rare for me to be asleep at that hour, especially for a new year's eve. In fact, I can't remember when was the last time I didn't stay up to welcome the new year. But consider I had three hours of restless sleep the night before, extra slumber time was very needed.

May your 2009 plentiful, peaceful and profitable. May your children behave. May your fur kids healthy. May your knitting and stash grow as you please. May your computer bug free. May the gas price stay below $2. May the companies keep their workers. May the workers keep their same level income and benefits. May all the committed couples remain committed and enjoy each other's social, economical and legal existence. May the country go upswing. May the world a better place.

I will end on a positive note and share couple of pictures I took the other day at a Chinese super market. Dried sharks fin on sale for $199.99 per pound (regular price $269.99). To the left on the second row, dried scallops $49.99 per pound.

On the right, triple X large dried scallops $99.99 per pound. On the left, sea cucumber on sale $99.99 per pound, regular price 129.99.

If you are still with me, Happy New Year!

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