Friday, March 02, 2012

Stitches West 2012

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This year I worked in the market part of Friday and Saturday, for the wonderful Laurel and John from, and shopped the rest of the time. Here is a small sample of what I saw.

Crochet this scarf with Trendsetter Bodega, took only couple of hours.
Modeled by fellow day laborer,  Prabha. After I finished my shift and left the booth,
Prabha's aunt bought the scarf!

First time to see yarn with Russian lable

A knitted man sitting in Lion Brand's booth

Yarn tasting station in the lobby. Can you believe they CUT qiviut and suri alpaca and cashmere??

The Oriental Jacket in Koigu booth. I have the Koigu book, but this
colorway is so much more handsome.

Learning to knit with size 50 needles in The Bag Smith booth, also learned
Tunisian crochet with super sized hooks.

My collection from the yarn tasting station went into this magic ball.

Glass buttons (aren't they pretty?), shell buttons, mixed beads.

The loot, clock wise from upper left corner:

- 5 balls Supreme Possum Merino 4 ply, possum/merino/silk (blue)
- Neighborhood Fiber Pagoda Lace, silk/cashmere (yarn is more green in real life than in the picture)
- box of mixed wool fiber for needle felting
- (on top of the fiber) glass buttons, shell buttons, mixed beads
- 2 skeins Newton’s Yarn Country Cashmere Merino (bright green)
- Green Mountain Spinnery Simply Fine, fingering weight kid mohair/wool (undyed)
- Leilani Arts silk ribbon (crazy colors)
- 2 skeins RedFish Dyeworks 20/2 silk (purple)
- (big bag under the other yarns) 10 balls Valley Yarns Northampton, 100% wool (blue)

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WonderWhyGal said...

What an event! Jealous. It broke my heart to see the yarn tasting although your purty yarn ball does at least explain the reasoning.

Pumpkin said...

You brought back quite the yarn collection, I love everything you picked out! Although the scary knitted man would have made me run for the hills. Any plans for the scrap yarn ball?

Melissa Plank said...

Oh my gosh, I love this post, so many pretty fiber goodies and I especially love that you made your own magic ball! I do that with my own scraps, but never thought to do it with samples from a fiber event. I'm filing that one away! (ps just realized that I wasn't following you :o( I missed you over at FOF and was looking through my blog roll for Bits and Pieces when I realized my folly! 1000 pardons please!)

Jocelyn said...

Can you believe I only bought pink yarn? At least my fiber purchases had other colors in it. I taped my samples to the page. I've got several years of taped samples.

Carol said...

Sorry I missed you at Stitches. We were so busy and so much to look at. Do you think you might make the Koigu Oriental Jacket? I think it would look wonderful on you in those blue shades.

AllyB said...

It all looks wonderful. Wish I could have hung out with you there. I especially love those glass buttons.

Kathryn Ray said...

Very intrigued by that possum/merino/silk yarn. Very!

Vivian said...

WWG, they had sheets with yarn company's names and yarn types listed, and people can tape the yarn samples on the sheets. I didn't bother with that.

Pumpkin, the scrap ball will go towards a swatch which will be part of a "I don't know what to do with this" project ;-)

Melissa, my magic ball is mostly odds and ends from casting on/off, sewing ends, or threads that tie the skeins together. And don't worry about the follow! I add the regulars to my "I Spy" sidebar, or just go to Andrea's blog. Always happy to have you here!

Jocely, you, pink yarn? shocker!

Carol, it's going to take some work to collect the right yarns, maybe I'll make something similar, "inspired by Koigu" kind of thing.

Ally, come to California!

Kathryn, the possum yarn is enough for a sweater, so one day that's probably what it's going to be. It's insanely warm!!

Spinster Beth said...

You go so many nice places! Jealous me .... :)

Melissa said...

Oh, thanks for sharing the the knitted man. Wonderful stash you brought back.

Lynn said...

OOOOH nice stash!!!

Heather Woollove said...

What an awesome haul, Vivian! I love your 'magic ball' of yarn samples! (At first, I thought you really meant there was an actual yarn 'tasting' station!
(I guess I've spent too much time with Elis Vermeulen and her "Always taste your raw fleece!" admonitions!! :)

Jess Schleicher said...

Looks like so much fun! Wonder if that knitted man was boiling in there? Thanks for sharing!

Vivian said...

Heather, as far as I know, no one ate the yarn, but then it's extra fiber, right? ;-)