Wednesday, February 11, 2015

C is for China Blue 北京蓝图

Project:  China Blue 北京蓝图
Pattern very roughly based on Tipsy Knitter by Katherine Matthews from Socks Socks Socks
Yarn:  Pagewood Farm Glacier Bay
Yardage:  used less than 400 yards
Needles: Size 2
Cast on: November 16, 2014
Cast off: December 26, 2014

Notes:  When I was a little girl in Beijing I was always cold in the winter. Sometimes my feet were so cold the toes would be numb for days. One year I got horrible frost bites on my left hand and it had to be wrapped in gauze for most of the winter. So when everyone started telling me I'd better have some warm wooly socks for my Beijing trip I took it to heart and cast on the first sock three weeks before the flight. I was hoping I'd finish the socks. I knitted before leaving, while waiting in airports, on the flights, and finally in Beijing. Today's Beijing there is radiant heat in most buildings so it's warm and toasty indoors. The only time I was actually cold was the day I spent outdoors in Summer Palace, but once inside I was fine. I finished the socks with couple of days to spare, and they will forever be associated to my trip to Beijing. 


Cathy Johnson said...

Lovely socks! I remember those cold winters well, brrrrr!

CindyCindy said...

Spectacular socks. I love them. And, what a neat memory from your trip.