Thursday, February 26, 2015

K is for Keep Stashing!

I have been stashing since I got back to knitting in 1998. Usually my yarn live in plastic tubs in my closet. When I look for something I dig up the surface layer before declaring "I can't find it." so there are some yarn in the deep freeze I haven't seen for a few years at least.

On Ravelry there is a thread called Flash Your Stash where people lay out everything they have in their stash and show off the picture. I have been wanting to do that for awhile, wondering what my stash might look like all lined up together.

So post-Stitches with all the new acquisitions to tuck away would be a good time to do some digging, flashing, rearranging. Yesterday I dragged out the first few boxes, and here is the result:

I still had at least four more boxes in the back of the closet, plus a file cabinet packed with yarn, plus craft store yarns not boxed up, plus odds and ends scattered in bags and small boxes, plus a charity stash that doesn't get counted towards my regular stash. So what's in the picture is only about 1/3 of my stash, and it's a cal king bed.

No I don't have a stash problem.


WonderWhyGal said...

OMG! I thought my stash was huge. I do have to say, in your defense, that your stash is in colorways that are a sweater's worth. Mine is all loosey goosey small skeins. I love the colors you have their. I imagine making that yarn a bed of happiness ;-)

Andria said...

Beautiful picture, all that yarns just makes me smile.

Alicia said...