Tuesday, September 26, 2006

No Swimming for Henry

Not for awhile anyway. Looks like Henry is sensitive to chlorine in the pool. It gave him a bad case of eczema flare up. It all started in the summer when he was in summer camp. He never swam much before, so we were all thrilled to have him in regular swimming lessons at the camp. He loved the swimming instructor. At the end of the camp he was this close from being able to swim, so we talked to the instructor and planned to sign up for her private lessons. But for the whole summer we battled the eczema, which was bad when he was a baby but in the recent years pretty much under control. I thought it was something he ate at the camp (he's sensitive to milk) since they cater the food and although the menu sounded innocent, who knows what might be in the ingredients. We tried all kinds creams and lotions, bathe him, not bathe him, wear shorts to expose to the fresh air, long pants to cover them up. Lately it finally started to heal, hey something must have worked! This past Sunday Henry and dad went swimming. At night I tried to put some lotion on the knees that had eczema, the kid started screaming. It was all red patches. Bad bad sign. So we decided to layoff the swimming for awhile and let the eczema completely heal. Not sure what we can do in the long run. Maybe we'll just throw him in the Pacific ocean, no chlorine there for sure.


Lynn said...

Oh do I understand the eczema war! Both my kids had it but ds still will get the occasional patch. Right now if I dont watch it, he gets it on his eyelids. Thankfully he is outgrowing it (we had the same milk allergy for a bit but he seems to have outgrown that as well). And of course what worked for DS made DD worse! Bathe or dont bathe? Which cream to use? Do I add cortisone? Ugh. You dont understand it unless you've had to battle it.
Hope the chlorine avoidance works.

Diane said...

My son had eczema until he was 4 and both my grandsons have it too. If you aren't having great luck with treatment from your pediatrician you might want to look into seeing a pediatric dermatologist. There are so many different treatments available now(such a change in the 14 yrs between my son and grandsons).