Sunday, September 10, 2006


For the third time in two weeks, second sitter falls through, could this be worse than home improvement contractors or PG&E service guys? Henry has been sick since last week, no big deal, just a cold, but managed to produce fever in the evening so we have to keep him out of school. Our regular sitter is on vacation and gave me her friend's number "just in case". We invited the new girl over Friday night to meet us, very cool young girl, loves Harry Potter (yea!) and has a dog (yea!!). We told her that if Henry doesn't get better this weekend we'd need her to stay with him on Monday. And of course she promised she's going to be free for the next couple of weeks since she's not working and school hasn't started. Henry scored 101.1 degrees at 4:30 this afternoon. Time to call the sitter. Well, it's her birthday tomorrow and she forgot that her mom was taking her to Berkeley. Old ladies, when was the last time you forgot about your own birthday???

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Lesley said...

I have NEVER forgotten my own birthday. MMaybe you should start administering IQ tests to perspective sitters.