Friday, September 22, 2006

White Shark in Monterey Bay Aquarium

There is a white shark on exhibit in Monterey Bay Aquarium. We visited him last weekend, took some pictures, but nothing came out good. This picture is from the aquarium website.

From the newsletter today:

  "White Shark Update Our new young male has only been around here for a few weeks — since Aug. 31. But already his life has been evolving pretty fast. We don’t know how long he’ll be with us; our first white shark stayed for 6½ months. So now is definitely the time to visit if you want to get a look before we return him to the wild. When he first moved in, the shark had to get used to the window on our million-gallon Outer Bay exhibit so he wouldn’t bump into it. A temporary “bubble curtain” did the trick in just a few days. He also had to get used to his fellow exhibit residents, and that wasn’t much of a problem either. At 5 feet 8 inches and 104 pounds, the young shark isn’t the biggest fish in the exhibit by any means. But the others seem to give him the biggest berth. (Who says fish aren’t smart?) Not eating his exhibit-mates is a very good thing in our shark. But at first he didn’t eat any of the food we offered him either, and that wasn’t ideal. Then, exactly a week after he arrived, he ate a California skate. And ever since, he’s been chowing down on a regular basis — sometimes more than five pounds a day — with salmon fillets a huge fave. "

Here is a link to the shark webcam: If any of you reading my blog want to visit the aquarium, we have a family membership there and two free guest cards good till the end of this month. The guest cards are completely transferrable, just drop me a note and we can talk about how to get them to you. That's about $44 savings! By all means, bring your kids to see the shark. No one knows how long he's going to be there or when they will put another one on exhibit.


Lynn said...

Oh if we didnt live on the opposite side of the country!! My kids would LOVE this (and so would I!)

Sarah said...

I can add two guest cards to that if you know a family that wants to go.

JennaRN2008 said...

Words cannot describe just HOW jealous I am right now... Enjoy him for me!!