Sunday, October 22, 2006

De Colores in time out

De Colores was blocked and joined, every strip, sleeves and the body. Then there is the crochet band on the bottom of back which created this wonderful little tilt and made the back look more like tail. Think I can pass for a flying nun? Another view of the back, with Bucky wagging his tail in the background. My lovely husband, aka the photographer, wondered rather loudly if the jacket is long enough. Well, it would be perfect length if there is no tilt. A close up look of the band. I could have picked up too many stitches. The cure will require a trip to the frog pond and crochet the band another time. What do you think?


pattyb254 said...

I think it is simply stunning!!


Mary said...

Wow, it´s looking really great!

Mary in Austria