Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

Our dogs are house pets, which means they never go outside without a leash and a human at the other end of the leash. Of course the only exception is in their own back yard, or the rare occasion when Bucky goes to a dog park to meet other pugs. Trinket goes to a dog park when he's hungry for the 250lb Rottweiler which we generally discourage.

As Bucky slows down with his decade old spine and perpetually round belly we bend the rules a bit. The other day he ran out of the garage while I was unloading the car (ok, I left the door open and had enough time to grab the camera).

He wandered in the driveway. (don't you love that little kick of the front paw?)

Checked the bushes for message.

And decided, I might just lie down and work on my tan.

All the while Trinket waiting patiently in the kitchen, pawing on the glass door.


Cindy said...

Freedom. Wow! I don't ever dare. Poor Trinket, left behind just cause she's not trustworthy.

Vivian said...

Trinket is a boy :-) woof!

Nichole said...

LOL, he even posed for you there... too cute!

Sonya said...

Poor Trinket left inside to just watch. Privileges come with age :)

lora said...

The pony prance shot is adorable. It's comforting to know your dog won't bolt. Puddin minds me, but the tzus have to be in a pen inside the fenced yard unless I am outside with them.

Paula said...

What a cute picture of your pooch sunning himself.
and his walking kick is soo cute!
Poor trinket! maybe he can go next time. :)
I love the look he gives you too!

yvette said...

Trinket looks a little miffed at being left inside, cute photos.