Thursday, October 04, 2007

Let Sleeping Dog Lie

Old dogs sleep a lot. When Trinket sleeps he tends to collapse and let his limbs fall into whatever position they happen to be. The ears flop up or down. I can lift up one of the top legs and let it drop, and it goes thump. After a few tries, he wakes up, gives me a dirty look, and goes back to sleep.

Please don't bother me, Mom.


Cindy said...

Give that guy a hug for me, will ya?

Gnat said...

Awe, what a tired puppy!!!

Paula said...

hehehe, I do that to Elise too!
She will wake up give me dirty look that says, "unless you have food don't bother me."

Your pooch is quite adorable sleeping like a puppy!

Lynn said...

LOL What a mean mommy you are!!!!

Sonya said...

We do the same thing. I draw the line when the kids try to open an eye up.