Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 - A Year in Knit-View

This year's finished projects in reasonable order.

1. Autumn Branches, finished January 25
2. Mock Cables, finished March 18
3. Spring Seedling, finished March 24
4. England Spoke, finished August 24

5. Wingspan, finished June 20
6. Frenchie, finished September 4
7. Modified Path, finished September 3

8. Plaited Poncho, finished June 24
9. Starfish Shawl, finished November 1

Not pictured:
10. The Gloved One, finished February 7. It stays in Henry's euphonium case at school.
11. Caireen, finished April 18.
12. Traveling Baby Sweater, finished July 25. The sweater currently resides with my friend Eleen until we find the next destination.
13. Samantha's Cape, finished July 27.
14. Le Bouquet, finished November 12. Gifted.
15. Squares in Variation, finished December 16. Gifted.

This looks like a long list, and I'm quite amazed I did finished all of them (patting self on the back). One of my happiest things in knitting is to blog every Thursday night, and then read others' entries and comments on Friday. Thank you my blog friends for being part of my knitting life.

Happy Friday and Happy New Year! Join the party on Andrea's blogTami's blog, and leave me a comment! 


Cathy said...

I love these year end reviews, such a satisfying feeling when looking back at your achievements over the year. You do have beautiful knits!

WonderWhyGal said...

You inspire me! Not only did you complete so many projects but these were big projects. As always, I adore your knitting skills.

AllyB said...

That's a fabulous and nicely diverse parade of projects. Your pieces always look so pretty and challenging. Great photos!

Nichole said...

Beautiful knits! You do such amazing and gorgeous work!

Kathryn Ray said...

It is quite a long list... full of so many beautiful things.

Happy New Year!

Pumpkin said...

My you had such a productive year! It is just so amazing how many projects you finished, especially when looking at their complexity. I look forward to seeing next years projects Vivian, you are amazing!

Spinster Beth said...

It's all so beautiful ... I would be tempted to frame photographs of your projects!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Found you through Tami. Yes, you DID do some magnificent knitting this year. I'll be back to check on more knitting on your blog.

Heather Woollove said...

It's so nice to see your 'compilation photos'! You DO have a lot to be proud of. Happy New Year, Vivian!

Natalie Rush said...

Love all this listed out like that! What a great post and such beautiful FOs!!

NOreen said...

Congrats on your year of knitting! I especially like how your Wingspan turned out.