Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Been Distracted

The bathroom door is done, after four coats of red paint.
Minor imperfections, which I will consider to be design features. Next time I better think seriously taking off the hardware first.
The more time I have at home the more I cook and the more I eat. Here are some sea scallops wrapped in bacon, marinating in rice wine.
Lexulous on Facebook (Scrabble). Come play with me.
A perfect rose outside the window. Love it, love it, love it.


Sue said...

I like the red door. Your place must look much brighter now with the accents of red.

Lynn said...

LOVE that door! I love red accents. My first car was red. Painted the door to my first house red. The fireplace in my house now is red, but more of a brick red than a fire engine red.

Jennifer said...

I am *totally* addicted to online scrabble. I'm not on Facebook but I play at the International Scrabble Club ( as Jeneration.

Those scallops look fantastic...mmm.