Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bucky's Skinny Pug Tender Chicken Stew

This recipe is good for when your dog has upset tummy and needs a mild meal, or just for some special attention. For Bucky this is becoming a long term diet. It consists of white rice, lean chicken meat, and vegetables, good balanced nutrients and tastes great. To make the chicken and vegetable stew:

1 cup of water
1 skinless boneless chicken thigh or breast, comes to about 1 cup of meat
1/2 cup bite size vegetables. I've tried carrots, green beans, mushrooms, celery, my dogs love them all.

Dice chicken meat, trim fat.
Boil water. Put chicken in the pot and bring back to full boil.
Simmer for ten minutes. In the last three minutes add vegetables.
Cook white rice as directed on the package, only using water (no salt, butter, etc.).
I cook the chicken and veggie stew every other day or so, and the rice about once a week. I've been making the rice a little wetter than needed, since it loses moisture in storage.
At meal time, scoop out:
- 3 heaping table spoons of cooked white rice (this is rough estimate, since rice tends to stick into big chunks. The idea is to have more rice than stew.)
- 4 table spoons chicken and vegetable stew
Heat in microwave for 30 seconds. Mix well, make sure the rice chunks are completely separated and every grain of rice is nicely covered with broth. This is enough for one meal for a 25 lb dog.

I hope some of you will try this recipe. If you do, please tell me how your dogs like it.

(The picture of Bucky is an oldie. He's slightly slimmer now and a little more gray.)


Sue said...

That's similar to one I make, only I make it in the crock pot. With ten of them I have to make a lot.

fiberdoodles said...

That's a great recipe. Thank you for sharing.

Happy DOT,

Lynn said...

This really sounds yummy! Something to try for us humans too! (except i need the salt and butter!)

Jennifer said...

I will have to print this one out just in case - although Frisky would like it even if he didn't have an upset stomach. (He is a carrot fiend.)

Glad you've found something healthy that Bucky can keep down. You are a good pug mom ;)