Friday, July 31, 2009

Field Trips

Henry is off summer camp this week, so we did some field trips and visited places we don't usually have time to visit. Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose was a disappointment. We paid $25 ($20 admission for two, $5 for parking) and Henry was bored in less than five minutes. The museum actually has gotten better since the days we used to visit. I remember taking the little Henry there and the place was over ran by school kids. Now there are lots more things for the younger crowd. But alas, my child has grown. Before I know it, he's not a little kiddie any more. Yesterday we took a two hour drive to Sacramento. Henry had a day trip there right before school ended, and came home complaining that he didn't have enough time in the Train Museum and Old Town. So here we go, a personalized trip. We've both heard from friends about Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield and it was a nice stop along the way. Henry tried rotten omelet (rotten egg and molded cheese) at the tasting bar. He didn't like it. There was a nice big Chocolate Shoppe which provided much needed morning snack before we hit the road again. The Train Museum in Sacramento is, well, full of trains. It's another place we visited when Henry was little, when he was a train fanatic. Now he's more interested in the history and how the travel culture had changed than the Thomas train table on the second floor. The model trains were still fun. It would be very nice to have a model train setup if we have the space. There was a large Lincoln exhibit at the museum. Here is Lincoln's gun, a tad longer than Henry. Outside Train Museum is Old Sacramento, a mini town imitating the Gold Rush days. Buffalo Bob statue looks more like a Bob than buffalo. I'm glad Henry was willing to pose with it.
We also visited the San Jose main library on Monday. Schulz's Beethoven was on exhibit in the Beethoven Center on the fifth floor. Henry was very excited to see the comic strips on display, much less concerned about Beethoven. We will go up to Charles Schulz Museum next week.

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Lynn said...

Very cool! I think we need to do something like this before school starts.