Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bonfante Gardens

We always seem to take pictures in the Rainbow Garden ride, probably because there isn't much else you can do there. Henry is into this "big boy" thing, not too thrilled about posing for pictures. Henry driving me in the 1920s Model T. Very dedicated driver. Then I took him for a spin in a 1956 Corvette. Look at my tense passenger, do I have a bad reputation or what. For the record, I wouldn't mind a Lexus convertible, preferably red, black is ok too. It must be a mid life crisis thing. My guys have some height issue, as in, they don't like situations that put them way up in the air, like tall buildings, ski lift, and ferries wheel. So here we are on the ferris wheel. The attendant decided to stop the wheel when we were at the top to load and unload some passengers. It was like an eternity before we landed on solid ground. But later Henry announced that the ferries wheel was the best part of today's trip and that next time we visit Bonfante he wants to ride it three times. The Red Hat Society had an event in the park today. My, did we see enough red hats! and all that purple to go with it! Takes some guts to wear them together.

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