Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hanne Falkenberg Pagode

This is the new sweater that I'm getting from a seller on knitswap, Hanne Falkenberg Pagode, colorway #2 -- Khaki/Straw/Ivory/Blue green/Flax/Rust. Looks like an interesting contruction. I've never worked on a sweater with so much garter stitch before, but from what I hear, it's easy and mindless. And of course, all the sweaters look gorgous.


Sarah said...

Vivian, that sweater looks beautiful. I was looking around on the net for more by that designer, and I found this site:

If you like knitting this pattern, you should check it out, because the prices there are really inexpensive compared to other places.

Sarah said...

OK, that URL didn't come out. Just try and then click on the little British flag. If you start the purchase, the price is converted to dollars, but just as an example, the kit you bought is available there for $127, including shipping.