Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It is what it is

Henry and I sent my mom home in Monterey this afternoon, 150 miles of driving in less than 5 hours, I'm dead tired. The trip home was fun though, we took our scenic drive, on highway 1 and 17, through heavy rainstorm, even saw a mudslide, giant piece of rock sitting on the side of the freeway. Henry slept half way to Monterey, so the way back he was very chirpy. My ears are full of Potter talk. My mom lives in a senior apartment on the border of Monterey and Seaside. The building must be over 50 years old with little or no maintenance. The elevators sound like they are going to break any minute, lights don't work, sometimes the door is still sliding closed and the elevator is already moving down. My mom's patio door is broken and no one would fix it. The furnace blows out so much dust that she never uses it, and has to use a space heater. She had a few conflicts with the apartment manager and says that they don't talk to her. My mom gets Section 8 voucher, which means her choice of living place is limited. She likes this place because it's very close to the shopping centers, since she doesn't drive. She doesn't want to move to Santa Clara county even though there is a pretty good chance she can transfer her Section 8 stuff over here, but she'd have to change her medical care, etc. which will be a big pain in the neck. Thankfully, we get along well, from a distance.

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Lesley said...

What is a section 8 voucher????