Sunday, April 09, 2006

A few things I don’t like

I’m happiest when I’m sitting in a quiet library writing. I always prefer handwriting better than typing. There is something about holding a pen and watching words form ideas in black and white in a line, noiselessly. It’s clear, clean, peaceful, and very cool.

There are a few things I don’t like:

1. I don’t like people imitate me.
2. I don’t like being told what to do.
3. I don’t like people asking me too many questions when I don’t know the answer; or worse, when they ask questions and do know the answers, regardless if I know the answer or not.
4. I have a problem with clumsy people, people dropping things, or bumping into furniture.
5. I have a problem with people who have poor table manners.
6. I never admit I’m wrong.
7. I don’t like people talking at me.
8. I don’t like people talking to me when I’m busy, like when I’m reading or writing.
9. I don’t like people disrupting my schedule.
10. I don’t like dealing with illness.
11. I don’t like people complain and whine.
12. I have a real problem when people disrespectful to my pug.
13. I don’t like noisy environment and people.
14. I don’t like parents that treat their kids like babies and don’t teach them manners and responsibility.
15. I don’t like liars.
16. I don’t like white lies.
17. I don’t like arrogant people.
18. I don’t like people refuse to see the truth.
19. I don’t like a dirty, disorganized house.
20. I don’t like people make excuse for themselves.
21. I don’t like it when people push responsibility on me.
22. I don’t like repeating myself or others repeating themselves

Now even I would believe I have a serious problem.


Lesley said...

Just a few things? I'd hate tosee the long list!

Bill said...

And the Husband says: Love, I also thought you didn't like having to explain yourself but now I see that in this blog you are off to a wonderful start of sharing your thoughts with others. Its a good thing!