Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Motivation Style

Here is a test in case the link in the title doesn't work: This is a very quick test, took me less than 5 minutes to complete. I scored 6 on Learning, 3 on Goal and 1 on Relationship. My primary motivation style is Learning. My secondary motivation style is Goal. According to the author: If you’re learning-oriented, the practice of learning, itself, drives you. You search for knowledge for its own sake and may become frustrated by anything that requires you to spend more time on procedure and process than on actual learning. I'm an accountant by trade, do I learn something every day? Nooooooo!! No wonder I'm not motivated!

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Juie Thomas said...

Hi Vivian,
Jocelyn told me about your blog and I have enjoyed reading! I think journaling is an excellent route to self-discovery, and spent several years journaling when I began my own, similar journey. I also like these inventories. One you might consider looking at is the Kiersey-Bates one on personality type. The name of the book is Please Understand Me. There are probably some websites with the quiz automated.

Best wishes to you as you find yourself through writing. You are off to a great start! Hope to see you at knitting sometime soon.