Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pat Ashforth Patterns and Books

Knitting and crochet patterns by Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer, the British pair of "designers of mathematical knitwear", in their own words. I bought them off eBay. I've always been interested in Ashforth/Plummer designs, and they don't seem to sell the patterns in many places. Recently they put out a group of patterns and booklets, these are my favorite ones. Their store on eBay is called Assign Design and Publications. These patterns are (from left to right): 1. Amazement -- A representation of the Chevening maze 2. Square Snowflake -- A "space-filling curve", surface crochet on a filet mesh grid 3. Walls of Troy -- A twelve-sided shape with surface crochet maze While I was at it I picked up couple of their cartoon booklets as well, fun drawings of dogs and sheep, and lots of creative word play. Three knitted afghan patterns I bought last year off eBay (from left to right): 1. Cubism -- A geometric optical illusion 2. Double Vision -- A study of colour and triangular numbers 3. Have it all ways -- Twenty four squares all different Their books that I have, also off eBay. Each time I won the bid I got a Thank you note from Pat Ashforth and a link to their site Woolly Thoughts. I traded couple of emails with her, sounds like they are in frail health and won't be coming to the US any time soon, if ever. Sad. I'll never have a chance to meet them.

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Nice comments. Thank you.

We just made it to Australia, New Zealand and back, so there's hope we might get to US again but I don't like to plan far in advance as things can change quite rapidly. We may get to meet one day.