Sunday, April 09, 2006

My beautiful pug baby

Bucky was born November 5, 1995, which makes him 10.5 years old. He's been slowing down a bit in the last couple of years; the nightly walk is like dragging around a bowling ball. To make everyone's life easier, I bought a used stroller in the flea market to take Bucky on walks, yes, a real baby stroller, not one of the new pet strollers. My husband told me my "lid flew off the head". 

Yesterday we took the whole family out down Los Gatos trail, Bucky in the stroller most of the time. Ahh, the looks we got, precious! Of course, the pug dad thinks Bucky had lost all his dignity, but I think the pug was pretty happy to be out and about for a change. After all, this was his first time to be out in a long time, all thanks to the stroller.


Lesley said...

So it's okay to baby dogs, but not children?

Vivian said...

Yep, I spoil my pups rotten, but not the kiddo. He's on his own :-)

Siobhan, NYC Pug said...

bucky, you are beautiful!!!!!!!! i love you!!!!

punk rock pug princess of NYC

Siobhan, NYC Pug said...

bucky! hi! i am moving to california next week! maybe someday we can meet. love, siobhan