Monday, October 16, 2006

Henry's Summer, and my ramblings

Henry brought home his writing about his summer. It says: "Where did my feet take me this summer? I went to Indiana this summer. We went to see some of moms friends. We went on four air plans. It was an a exciteing trip. Moms friends were called the Feb99 group." My summer was a crash of events full of anger, frustration and desperation. Well, maybe not that bad, but the double layoff and job search and all the rejections are not for the faint of heart. I'm glad my son enjoyed the quick weekend getaway amid all the crisis, domestic and international. Speaking of Feb99, we got a nice fat package today from our friend Lori in Indiana, full of products to help us with Henry's eczema. And a cartoon shows a nekkid guy at the security checkout, hiding his delicacy with a boarding pass; when the lady says, "Boarding Pass please!" One thing I've learned -- friends and family, they are everything.


Zelda said...

Boys named Henry are so smart! And super cute. Hey, I used to be a Hoosier. Where did you live?

Sarah said...

Boys named Henry ARE so smart and super cute. (Also boys named Ziad and Andrew.)

Lynn said...

I have a Dec98 group! These ladies are the best!! And I feel your pain with eczema. It is NOT fun.