Tuesday, October 24, 2006

On Blogging

Interesting question on this website - To Love, Honor and Dismay -- about bloggers. Here is what I think who my readers are: Most of the "regulars" on my blog are my real life friends. When you have a job, kids and family, it's very hard to keep up with friends. We usually see each other once a month at a book club meeting but that's not nearly enough time to exchange all the gossips and whine about our husbands. One of the members started a blog last year and the rest is history. There are other friends of mine that I've met in cyberspace years ago and now turned into real life friends. We have arranged various meetings throughout the years, and know each other fairly well. My cyber friends are usually not much different than real life friends, as in, there are cranky ones and there are sincere, intelligent ones. One's education, mannerism and personality comes through via media, be it face to face interaction, email, or blog entries and comments. Blogging, just like Internet in itself, is a communication tool. Chainsaws are created to chop down trees, but some would rather cut up fellow human. It's up to us to decide how to use the tool.


Larissa said...

Without the internet things would be very different for me. Lets see, I would probably have a tidier and cleaner house. I would definitely be more bored and I 'know' so many people purely via cyberspace, many I will never meet IRL. I read my Feb 99 friend's blogs and search for other interesting blogs for entertainment (hey, humour me, I have no TV). Blogging is another way to express yourself and catch up with close and far away friends.

Lesley said...

Yes-- thanks to the internet, I sit in front of the computer, reading blogs, while simultaneously battling a raging headache.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Vivian!

In reply to your question, I would be delighted for you to add a link to my blog on your blog. I'm glad you happened onto my blog. I would be really interested to hear more about your years in China.

(my e-mail address is on my profile page)