Thursday, October 05, 2006

How did you manage to lose ... What?

I'm always cold in the winter, especially my legs, especially at night when I sit in the couch read or watch TV. Mind you, we do turn up the heat, enough that my husband would sit next to me in shorts and a T shirt, and I wear silk long johns and sweats and wool socks and pile up blankets on me, and I'm still cold. So for years I longed for a pair of nice and comfortable knitted wool pants. When I was growing up moms always knitted wool pants for their kids, different ones as they grew taller. The wool pants were worn between long johns and cotton outer pants, and hand washed twice a season. Last year I found this pattern on Bernat website for knitted pants, not the most attractive thing, but it's only for hanging around the house, warmth is number 1. So I pulled out some New Zealand wool, and knitted it up. Nice warm pants for a few months. The yarn is a little itchy even through the long johns (snob). When the weather got warm I forgot all about how cold I might be in the dead of the winter, and gave the pants to my mom, told her to go ahead and frog it and use the yarn for charity knitting. Fast forward to couple of weeks ago, there was a hint of fall in the air. I went to my mom looking for my wool pants. She denied any sighting of them. I searched her 2 sq. ft. closet, no pants, no yarn, and I know she hasn't produced any knit wear in that shade of green wool. She went so far as telling me she likes the color and the pants would be a nice fit for her if I'd offer them to her; and that she would not frog my knitting. The first cold front is upon us. I dug up my closet last night, no pants. Since they were produced for the sole purpose of keeping me warm at home, I didn't bother to take a picture. No pants, no image, no yarn, nada. Clearly there is a knitting project to be planned.


Renee said...

I've been secretly wanting knitted pants ever since I saw them in EZ's Knitter's Almanac. Bummer yours are lost!

Lesley said...

Gee Vivian--- I hope you survive this bone-chilling 70 degree weather were having!