Sunday, October 01, 2006

De Colores Joining

Previous entries about De Colores Jacket are here and here. These pictures were taken Saturday morning. Both sleeves were joined and four strips on the body too. Since then the entire back is done, now around to the other side on the short strips, then it'll just be half the front. The three needle bind off join is much more fun than if I have to sew the strips together. In fact that much sewing might just push this sweater to the back of the closet. I switched the sleeve strips around a bit to get the best color combination. Interesting how the colors change in each skein of Silk Garden. The ones I used for the sleeves didn't have pink at all while the body has plenty.


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When I first saw this book I fell in love with this pattern for a jacket. Have not seen anyone else really knit it yet so. . .thanks for the pics. It is lovely! I will check back to see the finished product.